Festivals are important incubators for photographic practices and for the exchange between the various parties in the creative process of photography. We have seen a number of initiatives coming up on the continent and would like to network and foster an exchange.

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Independent arts initiatives are always dependent on the heart and believe of their founders. They are often vulnerable due to a lack of support by the community. This department aims to link the various initiatives and fosters the active exchange.



Launched in 2010, LagosPhoto is the first and only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. In a month long program, events include exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, discussions, and large scale outdoor prints displayed throughout the city with the aim of reclaiming public spaces and engaging the general public with multifaceted stories of Africa. LagosPhoto aims to establish a community for contemporary photography which will unite artists through images that encapsulate individual experiences and identities from across all of Africa. LagosPhoto presents photography as it is embodied in the exploration of historical and contemporary issues, the sharing of cultural practices, and the promotion of social programs.