Awards and competitions are important tools for the promotion and the network aspect for artists. In case of grants they allow the artist to freely work and focus on his core competence, the creation of images. Competitions are not solely for its winners a great opportunity but also for the short listed artists as well as for any participant really, since all accepted project are viewed by a jury of professionals, which may always lead to something. 


In this department we aim to develop and strengthen African photography by collaboration and exchange between the various initiatives in the field. We aim to achieve as much exposure fro quality African photography as possible.


POPCAP, Prize Africa
Head of Department

POPCAP, the prize for contemporary African Photography was initiated 2012 by Benjamin Füglister and is directed at photographers whose work engages with the African continent and/or its diaspora. The prize consists of global exposure at major international photography exhibitions.

POPCAP aims to raise the profile of African photography within the arts. Each year five winners are selected by an internationally-sourced panel of judges,enabling the promotion of African photography worldwide and helping to avoid geographically and culturally one-sided views of the portfolios. Due to its extensive application in a day-to-day context, we consider photography to be the ideal medium through which to foster an unhindered exchange of ideas about the image of Africa.